Gamers Cell - Wholesale Anime, Comics & Video Game Products

Gamers Cell has been in the wholesale distribution business for over 18 years and we believe that we will be the most efficient wholesale-distributor you've ever used!

We currently offer a wide variety of wholesale products including, but not limited to: wall scrolls, keychains, wallets, candy, hats, lanyards, plushies, board games and puzzles. See our sample products page for a small sample of some of the products we carry.

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A Little About Us

We have many years experience in the comics, video games and anime industry, and we know how difficult it can be to run a retail store. Our tools can help you make better decisions on ordering new or different products and product lines, or even existing ones. Organization and efficiency is how we operate. You will notice! If you have any questions, please contact us today and we'll be happy to answer.

How Do I Order from Gamers Cell?

Please be aware that we are a wholesale distrbutor only and we do not sell to the public. Also, we only ship inside the U.S. due to licensing restrictions. If you do have a retail store, we have just a few requirements before you can order products at wholesale prices from us. Please check out our How to Order page to learn more about these requirements.

How Can I See Prices?

We require that you have a wholesale account with us to see prices. This helps keep retail store owners' costs private. Once we verify your retail store, we will create an account for you for free. This will allow you to see all prices for all items.

I'm Interested in Gamers Cell Distributing My Products

That's great! We're always interested in new manufacturers. Please fill out our Contact form or call us for more information.

What If I Have Multiple Stores?

Our website will allow you to manage all of the stores in your franchise and create bulk orders across any or all of them. You'll also have tools to manage employees and their permissions across the website.

Do You Offer Electronic Invoicing?

Yes! PDF invoices are automatically emailed to you when your order ships. We also offer EDI (electronic data interchange) or other data transport solutions.