How to Order Wholesale Products from Gamers Cell

Gamers Cell requires that you sign-up for a wholesale account before ordering. It's free and will give you access to our entire inventory of products. Please click the checkboxes on the left to answer this quick questionnaire.

Will you be purchasing for a retail store and not for personal use?

Gamers Cell is a wholesale distributor. We sell our merchandise in bulk and at wholesale discounts to retail stores only. If you are interested in having your local anime, videogame or comic shop carrying our products, please contact us.

Does your store have a verifiable, retail address and phone number in the U.S.?

The telephone number and address given on our resellers application will be verified. You must supply a retail store address as we will not ship to home-based/internet-based businesses nor P.O. boxes. We currently only ship inside the U.S. due to licensing restrictions.

Can you make purchases of more than $100.00?

We require that your first three (3) orders be over $100.00 and that it be pre-paid via ACH transfer or credit card. We do offer C.O.D. options as well, but they are added to your invoice's freight charges, and they will require money orders or certified checks.